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More blood donors needed – says NBTS Director; stresses need for more community involvement

Photo: Ministry of Health

World Blood Donor Day is observed on June 14 annually, and this year the theme is ‘Donating Blood is an act of solidarity.’

There are currently approximately 15,000 blood donors in Guyana, but there is still an urgent need for more.

Dr Pedro Lewis, the Director of the National Blood Transfusion Bank while making remarks at an event held to show appreciation to persons involved in the blood donation drive posited that “when the pandemic hit us in March 2020, it was a difficult time for us. A lot of organisations cancelled the blood drive. We had high risk mothers that comes in and need blood, we still got our sickle cell patient or our anaemia patients that depends on us ever so often.”

He noted that it was this challenge that caused the blood bank to commence community outreaches, and this initiative has made an impact on combating the issue.

“There is no substitute, you cannot purchase that in the market, and you can’t get it from no one else other than human.”

Dr Luis Felipe Codina, PAHO/WHO Representative to Guyana, posing with blood donor, Sonia Noel

The Director while expressing gratitude to the donors stressed that at this point “it is important that you guys spread the information. We have over 15,000 donors in Guyana, it’s time for you to spread the information, let person know the importance of it.”

Looking to the future, Dr Lewis is hopeful for more organisations to partner with the blood bank.

The ceremony recognised several donors and organisations who were given awards acknowledging their efforts towards saving lives. For more information on the requirements for donating blood visit

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