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Nurses encouraged to prepare for health sector transformation

Senior health officials pose with the nurses who were awarded for 30 or more years of service [Photo: Ministry of Health/ May 07, 2024]

Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony issued a direct call to action, urging nurses to proactively prepare for their pivotal role in Guyana’s evolving health sector transformation.

Addressing attendees at the Nurses and Midwives Council of Guyana’s awards ceremony for nurses serving over 30 years, Minister Anthony highlighted the imminent changes in medical practice and emphasised the importance of continuous learning.

“The way that we are practicing medicine is going to change drastically in Guyana. It has already been changing over the years […] very soon, if we are not there in some aspects as yet, a lot of what we will be doing, people from the surrounding areas, countries will be looking to Guyana as an example,” Minister Anthony stated while addressing the nurses at the ceremony held at Cara Lodge, Georgetown.

He underscored the availability of resources under the Continuing Nursing Education programme and encouraged knowledge sharing, proposing a Nurses Research Conference led by nurses themselves.

With plans to build 13 new hospitals and upgrade existing facilities nationwide, specialised nursing training is being prioritised to meet the expanding health sector’s demands.

“If we are going to provide better cardiac care, we need to have cardiac specialisation, or cardiac nurses, or critical care nurses, whatever area you choose, because we will be doing a lot of specialised care, and therefore, we need to train people to be able to offer these types of care,” he stated.

Acknowledging the vital role of nurses, Minister Anthony proposed making the award ceremony an annual event to celebrate their dedication and commitment to patient care.

He called for a shift in the narrative surrounding nursing, emphasising the significant impact nurses have on daily patient care.

Nurses Week is observed from May 6-12 under the theme ‘Our Nurses, Our Future, The Economic Power of Care.’

[Extracted and modified from the Department of Public Information]


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