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Guyana Chess Federation to showcase Chess at Giftland Mall

The Guyana Chess Federation is set to exhibit and promote chess to the public at the Giftland Mall. The Federation hopes to expose more persons, adults and kids alike to the sport. The overall goal of this exercise is to show that chess is available to all Guyanese.

Some of Guyana’s top Junior and Senior chess players, male and female, will be at the Giftland Mall on Saturday, September 24th and the following Saturday, October 1st from 14:00hrs to 19:00hrs.

This exhibition will provide an opportunity for persons of all ages who are interested in the sport to start learning the game, to meet our national players and also join the Guyana Chess Federation.

Children will be offered free Gold Membership to the platform through the Guyana Chess Federation (GCF). This will allow them unlimited access to learn and play chess online through puzzles, lessons, educational videos and unlimited live chess games.

Anyone interested in learning the game will also be offered online chess classes by GCF coaches, or in-person classes at the newly established chess club which meets every Saturday at the School of the Nations.

Patrons can also come out on Saturday to learn more about chess and its many benefits. For instance, adults who play chess tend to experience improved memory, improve spatial thinking and awareness, and face a lower risk of degenerative brain diseases.

Persons are welcome on Saturday to engage in fun chess activities, including simultaneous chess with some of Guyana’s top-rated chess players. There will also be demonstrations by Guyana's best junior and senior chess players.

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