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Farmers market heading to Region 6; fresh produce & live animals to be sold at reduced prices

The Government in an effort to cushion the high cost of living in Guyana announced during the 2022 National Budget that the farmer’s market will be hosted in every region.

Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh presenting 2022 National Budget.

This means that consumers can go on this specific day to the designated location to buy fresh produce and many more grocery items at a low cost. The exercise aims to attract local agriculturists, specifically cash crop farmers and agro-processors from across the district. The Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with the Regional Democratic Council of Region 6 will now be hosting the farmer’s market in Albion, Estate Road, East Berbice Corentyne from 06:00 hours on Sunday, March 13th 2022.

Ministry of Agriculture's flyer on the Farmer's Market.

Persons from this region can come out and enjoy a variety of fresh produce, live animals and agro-processed commodities at a reduced price.

The Ministry said parking will be made available for customers. The agriculture ministry held its first farmer’s market at the Lusignan Market Tarmac, East Coast of Demerara, which attracted hundreds of people. Minister of Agriculture Zulfikar Mustapha had said that the ministry will be hosting similar activities across the country so consumers can benefit. He also said that the response has been tremendous and this will not be a one-off activity.

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