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3 weeks later: Still no sign of 16-year-old boy; Mother appeals to Police to continue search

It has been three weeks, and there is still no sign of 16-year-old Akeem Bissoon, who went missing in Aruwai Airstrip, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).His mother, Jennifer Henry, is pleading with the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to continue the search to find her only son.

On June 14, around 17:00h, 16-year-old Bissoon mysteriously disappeared from his uncle’s camp in Aruwai Airstrip, Region Seven.

His mother is worried and still clinging to the little hope she has that he is still alive. “But I still hoping and praying that he alive, god keep alive.”

Henry is pleading with the GPF to continue the search for her only son as she claimed that the search was only done for a day.

“Because the police keep telling me that they searching and myself was in there and nobody in there searching, nobody is there searching. One time two police go in there, they go like today, and by tomorrow them come out back. It’s like nobody doing proper searching nowhere,” she said.

The teen was last seen on June 14 by his uncle, Andrew Harlequin, sitting outside his camp. Following his disappearance, only his slippers and phone were found where he was last seen sitting.

Jennifer explained that Andrew first told her that the teen went missing on Wednesday, but after her sister and nephew told her otherwise, he admitted that Akeem went missing on Tuesday at around 17:00h.

“He ain’t even say let me organise a team or see to go back and search. He ain’t even calling and tell me nothing, everything just left just suh, like he is not human.”

Meanwhile, Commander for Region Seven, Senior Superintendent Dion Moore, said the search continues for the teenager.

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