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Mother fears worst after son’s disappearance four days ago

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Missing 16-year-old Akeem Bissoon.

16 year-old Akeem Bissoon went missing on Tuesday afternoon and his mother fears the worst. Ranks from the Bartica Police Station have already been dispatched into the area to try to locate the missing boy.

Akeem’s mom, Jennifer Henry contacted MTV News Update on Friday who explained that the teenager went missing from his uncle, Andrew Harlequin’s camp situated in Aruwai, Airport Region Seven since Tuesday afternoon.

Jennifer Henry and her son.

However, the woman said, she had only gotten the news on Wednesday through her sister and her nephew and not her brother-in-law, who was the last person to see him.

This is the first time Bissoon travelled into the interior with his uncle and his mom explained that the details surrounding his disappearance are unclear and sketchy.

“So how it happened, the man tell me [Andrew Harlequin] that how he was cooking inside, Ackeem was sitting outside with he phone at the house door…and when he turn around within two to three minutes Ackeem done disappear. When he call for Ackeem he ain’t hear nothing no more…when he run outside he ain’t see Ackeem nowhere but he phone left right there where he was sitting…he still didn’t tell me is when.”

According to her, it was only after she began questioning that he told her he had been missing since Tuesday afternoon around 17:00 hours.

She is worried and is hoping that nothing has happened to her only son.

“Girl only god knows how I am feeling. One mind telling me that he is somewhere, I say maybe, they get some argument, maybe he just run away…and that is the only thing I hoping for but if he gone in the bush and he gone cyah survive in the bush from Tuesday afternoon 5 O'clock if is true that the man say to now, because today is Friday.” Meanwhile, the Officer in Charge for the Bartica Police Station when contacted by MTV News Update said a missing person report was submitted and ranks have gone into the area to search for the missing teenager.

However, to reach the area where the teenager went missing is very difficult and it will take some time.


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