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US$1.6M for Upskilling Cybersecurity professionals in the Caribbean

A cyber-attack happens every 40 seconds. The cybersecurity worker shortage is an extreme danger to security, and investing in talent is the key to fending off future threats.

The Elizabeth Sloane Institute of Technology (ESIT) has committed to the largest-ever investment into cybersecurity education in the Caribbean to $US 1.46 million.

The Elizabeth Sloane Consulting Firm based in Gambia says there is a growing need for trained ICT professionals internationally which can be supplemented by upskilling talent in the Caribbean,

Melanie Wynter, Managing Director of Elizabeth Sloane

Melanie Wynter, Managing Director of Elizabeth Sloane said, “We have to supplement our talent with Caribbean personnel… and the board has recognised that we won’t be able to grow if we aren’t upskilling persons.”

While companies are looking to hire cybersecurity professionals in droves, the industry often requires that workers have specific credentials or certifications on top of education requirements.

This programme will help upskill ICT Professionals in the Caribbean. Through these grants, ICT Professionals can obtain cybersecurity certifications such as CISSP, CCSP, Security +, and SSCP.

The grant programme will subsidise the cost of certificates and training by more than 50%.

“Now these grants are bond free. You’re not attached to our country, you’re not attached to our school. It’s just to have more persons… that are able to fit these job requirements and have other people in the ICT world as we move towards a more stringent data protection.” she said.

As of 2022, there is still a cybersecurity workforce gap of over 2.72 million. The global cybersecurity workforce needs to increase by 65% to effectively be able to defend organisations’ essential assets.

These scholarships will be available to persons in English speaking territories of Africa and across the Caribbean.


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