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Summer Sips: Madd Tea unveils 5 new irresistible refreshers packed with flavor!

Madd Tea, a local Guyanese business that is renowned for Boba Tea has fulfilled their customers request by introducing a new line of refreshers, designed to keep you cool and satisfied.

The five new flavors include Mango, Pink Lemonade, and Tang Twist of Sour Patch, Madd Tea plans to give customers a mouthwatering experience that is sure to have you returning for more.

Shift leader Kelian said that Madd Tea believes in giving their customers the power of having the perfect drink which is why they are offering a complete customization option at affordable prices.

she further highlighted that the team at Madd Tea has listened and worked effortlessly to ensure that every flavor is crafted to perfection.

"We try to meet all customer needs, not all the customers will want milk inside, so you want something with no milk, this will now benefit customers who are lactose, they can get to choose from our soda flavors."

" Our mission is to bring you an extraordinary beverage experience like no other, we can't wait for customer to try them"

"As we're going in the summertime and the place get hot nowadays and when customer come for refreshers it is very simple, we don't package it in the cup it's in a clear can so it's very attractive when they buy."

Madd Tea is thrilled to announce that they will be launching their second batch of flavors within the next two months.

Kelian is encouraging customers to visit their branches at Movietowne Turkeyne and Amazonia Mall Providence.


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