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Scuffle with Linden businessman: Police Officer still under arrest, file with DPP for advice

The Guyana Police Force’s Office of Professional Responsibility has concluded its investigation into the brawl that occurred between the ranks of the Mackenzie Police Station and a Linden businessman.

This was confirmed by the Force’s Corporate Communications Department, which noted that one of the ranks involved in the incident is still under arrest. Furthermore, a file has now been sent to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for legal advice.

The Police Force had reported that ranks went to Tropical Reflections Bar located at Lot 5 Corner, McKenzie, Linden, and instructed the Disc Jockey (DJ) to turn off the music, which he reportedly refused.

This resulted in his arrest and subsequent transfer to the McKenzie Police Station. However, the situation escalated when the proprietor of the bar arrived at the station seeking information about the DJ’s arrest.

Allegedly behaving in a disorderly manner, the proprietor was asked to leave the station. As he was exiting, it is claimed that he assaulted one of the police officers.

This act prompted other officers to intervene, leading to the arrest of the bar owner as well. The bar owner and the DJ were released on their own recognisance.


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