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Robbery at Best Buy Variety store- close to $1M stolen in goods and cash.

Today at around 8:30 hrs a total of $862,160 was stolen from the Best Buy Variety store at Section B Non Pariel, East Coast Demerara.

According to the staff Accountant, the perpetrators would have stolen a wide range of hardware supplies.

“That’s, like phone card money, the goods include like circle saw, welding plan, screw gun, a laptop, door lock and including the camera DVR stuff that we would have set up in the building”.

According to a staff of the Best Buy Variety store, the police would’ve arrived on the scene at approximately around 9:15 hrs to conduct their investigations.

“The police say that they will do the investigation and later on they will get back on to we but the boss would have to give them a statement.

While there are no suspects in mind at this time, there is a belief that the robbery may have been carried out by someone familiar with the business.

“We don’t have any suspect at the moment but I do think as the police officer told us too, he says that he thinks its an inside person”

investigations are currently ongoing.


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