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Reopening of schools opens up fresh wounds of pain for Kayla Barnabas’ mother

Dead: Kayla Barnabas

Given that her daughter was an avid lover of education, the reopening of schools has opened fresh wounds of pain for Kayla Barnabas’ mother, Somatee Lildar- Barnabas.

Kayla, 12, was struck down at about 15:45h on June 1 by a Police pickup bearing registration number GXX 6575 at Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara (WBD).

Since that tragic day, Kayla’s family was dealt a massive blow, which they are still struggling to accept.

Speaking with MTV News Update on Sunday, Lildar- Barnabas noted that her daughter would have been “excited for school” if she had been alive.

The grieving mother said, “Right now, like how school just reopened, is like all the wounds have opened again because this is be the time, she is be more excited for school than everything.”

According to the distraught mother, the grace of God has been keeping them during this tragic time of their lives. In fact, she said that Barnabas’ father and grandmother still have not come to grips with her passing.

“The father [keeps] crying, and he does not even want to go to work because, every time he [goes] on the road, he [imagines] this child, and he has taken it more hard, I am taking it hard, but it is his only child. I have another child, but I am taking that one to comfort me.”

She added, “The grandmother she cannot get a grip of herself on to now. She is not eating; she is not drinking; she is just crying all the time because that was her company also.”


According to Lildar- Barnabas, it would comfort her family if the Police Corporal, who struck her daughter down, could say “sorry” or even send a “sympathy card.”

“The only thing I want to know why the Police is not making any contact with the family, even to say sorry or a sympathy card or whatever. He is not human?” the woman questioned.

“Him saying sorry would bring comfort to us, but he is not making any effort to say sorry […]. If you don’t want to meet us, the parent, send the card to the school, and the school will convey it to us. There is more than one way to do things.”


While the grief-stricken mother is confident that justice will be served, she hopes it will not take 15 to 20 years.

“My child was a child of God, and the Lord will give justice for her because she was a Sunday school teacher at her age; since she small, she in church, and since she little as two years, she been taking part in God’s work.

And God will give justice for her. Only God knows who was wrong and who was right. Things take time to happen; never mind, it did take time for my daughter’s life to come out, and if you wait, you will get results. I am waiting on my results.”

Last month, MTV News Update reported that two months after an inquest into the child’s death was ordered by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Shalimar Ali-Hack, SC, this has not happened as yet.

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) had reported that the Corporal who drove the pickup was proceeding south along the eastern side of the road when it was alleged that the schoolgirl ran from east to west and into the pickup’s path.

But Kayla’s mother told our team that she does not believe a bit of this, noting that she always warned her daughter to be careful on the roadways.

It was later confirmed that the teen was struck down at the pedestrian crossing by the police pickup despite another vehicle stopping for her to pass.

The child’s mother also revealed that 18 days after the accident, she was shown a video of the accident but only when her daughter was struck down.

As such, she asks for a copy of the video to validate if it was edited only to show the accident and if any other part was taken out.

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