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Ramjattan says AFC will not give up its parliamentary seats even if APNU wants them to


Leader of the Alliance For Change (AFC) Khemraj Ramrattan has made it known that his party will not be giving up their parliamentary seats if or when they separate from the coalition with A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).

Ramjattan during the party’s weekly press conference said “No we’re not gonna give up our seats, those seats were earned and the APNU people would know that too, so why should we want to give up our parliamentary seats when being in opposition now that is a good platform to carry out the opposition work against the Government to scrutinise them and to ensure they abide by the rule of law.”

Currently, there are nine members of the AFC who hold parliamentary seats. The party secured these seats after entering an agreement with the APNU who holds 22 parliamentary seats to form a coalition.

 A confident Ramjattan added “I do not think the leader of the list Mr Granger would do that.”

When asked whether the AFC’s leaving the coalition would affect its parliamentary relationship with the APNU, Mr Ramjattan said “I do not see anything that would affect our parliamentary relationship in opposition and I am unafraid of the so call chatterati talking about consequences and so on with our nine parliamentarian.”

The AFC leader also highlighted that even though they plan to part ways with the main opposition party they “will still have a working relationship.”

The AFC earlier this year hinted recently that it would part ways with the APNU to “walk on its own feet.” The two parties formed a coalition in 2015 and subsequently won the general and regional elections.

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