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Guyana highlights Venezuela’s threat to hemispheric stability at 2024 Concordia Americas Summit

Foreign Secretary Robert Persaud at the Concordia Americas Summit

The recent postures and actions by the Venezuelan regime regarding its illegal claim of Guyana’s territory were deemed a threat to stability in the Western Hemisphere.

Foreign Secretary Robert Persaud joined leaders of the Western Hemisphere at the Eight Concordia Americas Summit held at the University of Miami between April 22- 23, 2024.

This year’s Summit focuses on sustainable and inclusive growth and strengthening democracy. It features sessions on topics of importance to the region, including climate change, governance, security, migration, rule of law, investment, economic partnerships, and education.

The Foreign Secretary was invited to participate in a Strategic Dialogue entitled ‘Regional Unity: Strategies to improve the Western Hemisphere Relationships.’

The dialogue sought to provide a platform for leaders and experts to explore strategies for enhancing and revitalising the relationship and cooperation between the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

During the dialogue, the leaders identified and discussed key challenges and threats that require greater collaboration in the areas of security, democratic backsliding, socio-economic pressures, supply chain disruptions, irregular migration, natural disasters, and cybercrime, among others.

Foreign Secretary Persaud underscored the need for a collaborative, regional, and hemispheric approach in dealing with some of these challenges. 

Concordia is a global convener of heads of state, government officials, C-suite executives, and leaders of nonprofits, think tanks, and foundations to find cross-sector solutions that address the biggest challenges of our time. 

The Second Concordia Amazonas Summit will be held in Guyana from July 9 to July 13, 2024, with a focus on Environmental Sustainability and Financial Inclusion.


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