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Preparations begin for massive “Agri-Investment Forum and Expo”

The Government through the Ministry of Agriculture on Monday concluded a planning meeting with stakeholders including the Private Sector Commission and Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association, who are involved in the organising of the highly anticipated Agri Investment Forum and Expo.

Agri Minister along with stakeholders. (Credit: MOA Page)

Minister of Agriculture Zulfikar Mustapha, who was conducting an on-site inspection told media operatives that he is pleased with the preparations currently underway and the Expo is ready to go.

Minister Mustapha speaking with the media.

Almost 300 organisations and investors from Israel, Ghana, United States, Cameroon and investors around the Caribbean have already registered for this expo. “Most are from overseas, now we’re seeing a number of Guyanese being registered, so I’m hoping by the end of registration, just a few days before the event you will have a lot of investors and persons who will be participating,” he said. Over seven Heads of States have already indicated their intention to attend the highly anticipated exposition along with nine Agriculture Ministers within the Caribbean. Minister Mustapha said there are currently 72 exhibitors who have registered for the booths. This event is intended to accelerate the process of identifying alternative financing solutions or investment opportunities in the agriculture sector to achieve the goal of a 25 percent reduction in the region’s food import bill by 2025.

“This investment forum, this will be the first of its kind in CARICOM and I think that the responses that we have received so far is massive, it shows that the Caribbean needs something like this and I think this will be the first of its kind in this part of the region which will be a continuous process.”

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Private Sector Commission, Paul Cheong said the private sector is very excited for this event which is expected to push the agriculture sector further afield.

Chairman of the Private Sector Commission, Paul Cheong.

He urged local businesses to make use of the opportunities that will be available. “We are confident that this here will drive the agriculture sector and this is all in line with what’s happening in the country in general, I mean a lot of focus has been on Guyana for the last couples of years and agriculture is one such sector.”

The Forum and Expo will be held May 19-21, 2022 under the theme ‘Investing in Vision 25 by 2025′.


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