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Police raids in Timehri District net over 90 grams of ganja; one man arrested

The marijuana seized by law enforcement officials [Photo: Guyana Police Force/ May 23, 2024]

Police ranks of Regional Division 4 ‘B’ conducted an operation on Thursday within the Timehri Police District, seizing over 90 grams of cannabis and arresting one individual.

The operation targeted two specific locations: stalls at the Soesdyke Junction and the Doubles Corner in Kuru Kuru. During the raids, police discovered 50.5 grams of cannabis at Doubles Corner and 40.7 grams at the Soesdyke Junction, totalling 91.2 grams.

In addition to the stalls, a 23-year-old man from Kuru Kuru was apprehended. He was stopped and searched during the operation, resulting in the discovery of 20.5 grams of cannabis on his person. The man was immediately arrested and placed in police custody.


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