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Over 200 youths present as Cricket Camp and Academy bowls off

The large turnout of young females at the cricket academy (Photo: RHTYSC)

Monday saw the consecutive launch of a cricket academy and a summer camp in Berbice with more than 200 youths in attendance.

Under the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club (RHTYSC’s) Say Yes to Education and Sports Programme, the Republic Bank Summer Camp and annual Bakewell/Busta Cricket Academy were launched on Monday July 18.

The programme is organised by the club’s 10 teams.

The Cricket Academy sees over 200 youths benefitting while the 2022 Republic Summer Camp bowled off with a total of 94 students, way above the targeted fifty.

Secretary/CEO of the RHTYSC Hilbert Foster was excited to note that attendance for the programmes exceeded expectations. He also urged youths to develop a culture of hard work, personal discipline, commitment and a desire to learn more about the game.

Foster also urged youths in attendance to ensure they pay attention to their academic development as they train in cricket. He stated that the RHTYSC would provide all the necessary support they need in terms of guidance, gears and educational materials to accomplish this.

Members of the Bakewell/Busta Cricket Academy pose with their coaches and senior RHTYSC players (Photo: RHTYSC)

30 Under 19 female cricketers also expressed their desire to join the club’s women’s team, who are the only full time female club team in Guyana.

Head Coach Winston Smith, who is working primarily with the young females disclosed that special emphasis would be placed on teaching then the fundamentals of batting and bowling.

Smith also posited that emphasis would be placed on classroom work, where the players would know the history of the game and topics of importance to their personal development.

Among other topics to be covered are suicide, danger of drugs, domestic violence, peer pressure and personal hygiene.

Senior club members Kevin Sinclair, Sheneta Grimmond and Shabika Gajnabi, who play for the West Indies, will also play a part in the programme by turning up to pass on their knowledge to the players and providing inspirational talks to them.

Recent Amazon Warriors recruit Junior Sinclair also turned up to the camp and worked with over 25 under 12 players as part of his personal developmental programme with the club.


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