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OPR launches probe into death of alleged murderer at Whim Police Station lockups

Dead: Suyjit Ramotar

The Guyana Police Force’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) has launched a probe into the death of Suyjit Ramotar, also known as ‘Mono,’ who was in custody at the Whim Police Station.

Ramotar, a 53-year-old rice farmer of Lot 72 Letter Kenny Village, Corentyne, Berbice, was taken into police custody at Whim Police Station on May 22, 2024. He was arrested in connection with the murder of Joshua Hardatt, also known as ‘Money,’ a 25-year-old welder, which occurred on May 21.

Joshua Hardatt, also known as ‘Money,’ a 25-year-old welder

In a statement, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) said that Ramotar was informed by ranks while in custody on Saturday that he had been charged with the offence of murder, and would appear in Whim Magistrate Court on Tuesday.

“At approximately 16:55 hrs this afternoon, the ranks on duty went to the #1 Lockups to visit the prisoners and discovered Ramotar hanging by his neck with a piece of his jersey that he ripped and tied on the southern grill of the lockups,” the statement added.

During an interview with MTV News Update, the dead man’s brother, Dalim Ramotar, said he believes foul play was part of his brother’s death.

Suyjit was recently released from prison, and Police had said that he confessed to murdering Hardatt because the welder was allegedly having an affair with his wife while he was incarcerated.

After confronting Hardatt, who denied the allegation, Suyjit reportedly dealt the 25-year-old welder several blows to his body.

The man's body was taken to Auchlyne Cultivating Dam, where villagers discovered it. When the Police arrived on the scene, Hardatt’s lifeless body was in the back passenger seat of his car.

He was lying face down in a crouching position, with visible marks of violence on his face and forehead and a wound on the back of his head.


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