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OPR completes probe into Bascom’s cover-up claims; Force awaiting legal advice from DPP

Police Sergeant Dion Bascom

The Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) has completed its investigation into the cover-up allegations by Police Sergeant Dion Bascom against senior ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF).

In a press release late Tuesday night, the GPF’s Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) said they are now awaiting legal advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

“Police Sergeant Dion Bascom has, over recent days, made a number of public, wholly unsubstantiated allegations, which have been given wide media coverage; alleging police misconduct in the ongoing investigation of the murder of Ricardo Fagundes,” the release stated.

The CCU added that Sergeant Bascom has refused to submit himself to any investigation by the Police or provide evidence supporting the allegations he made.

“It is not without significance that Sergeant Bascom found himself personally compromised during an exercise carried out by the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit and that his public statement immediately followed this matter,” the release further added while dubbing Bascom’s allegations as “unfounded.”

“Sergeant Bascom’s public statements - made while serving as an active member of the Guyana Police Force - is in breach of the Code of Conduct of the Police Force,” the statement concluded.

In a Facebook live on Thursday last, which he removed, Bascom, 33, alleged that Deputy Head of the Force’s Major Crimes Unit, Mitchell Caesar, allegedly took $30,000 million as a bribe “fuh cover-up” Fagundes’ murder.

In fact, he went on to finger several senior members in the bribe-taking allegations while deeming them “corrupt.”

His allegations then sparked lawyer’s letters from businessman Azruddin Mohamed and security agent Mark Richmond and Caesar.

The three men, who are all being represented by Poonai and Poonai law firm, demanded that Bascom issue an apology and retraction or face separate multi-million-dollar lawsuits.

But in a new Facebook live over the weekend, the Police Sergeant said he stands by the claims while noting that he has shreds of evidence to support his case. Notwithstanding, he has retained Nigel Hughes as his lawyer.

Hughes has already written to President Irfaan Ali, seeking protection for client while calling for an international probe.

In March 2021, Fagundes was riddled with bullets as he exited Palm Court on Main Street, Georgetown.

It has been more than one year since the shooting, but it remains unclear whether the Police are any closer to solving the crime.


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