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OPR to probe cover-up allegations by Senior Police Detective – Police

Police Detective Dion Bascom

The Guyana Police Force’s (GPF) Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) moments ago revealed that the Office of Professional Responsibility (ORP) has been instructed to commence an investigation into the cover-up allegations made by a Senior Police Detective.

In a statement, the GPF said, “the Office of Professional Responsibility has since been instructed to commence an investigation.”

In a Facebook live video which he has since removed, Police Detective Dion Bascom alleged a major cover-up into the investigations relating to the murder of Ricardo Fagundes, also known as “Paper Shorts.”

In March 2021, Fagundes was gunned down just after he exited Palm Court on Main Street, Georgetown, and it remains unclear whether the police are any closer to solving the crime.

Also, Bascom was arrested on Monday by the Customs Anti-Narcotic Unit (CANU) after ranks went to a home of a “known drug trafficker” at Norton Street, Georgetown, and a quantity of cocaine was found.

Those arrested were Bascom, Akeem Lashley, Andre Clarke, Rodwell George, and Serena Mentus.

But Bascom, George, and Mentus were not charged and released from custody. Lashley has since accepted ownership of the drugs, and sentenced to four years imprisonment, and slapped with a $2.3 million fine while Clarke was released on bail.

Notwithstanding, Bascom has denied knowing about the cocaine but noted that he was visiting a friend.


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