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'North Nation Inc.' works to expand volleyball to older players

- While creating initiatives to make Volleyball a 'Powerhouse' sport locally.

North Nation Inc senior volleyball players training in the National Park (Photo: North Nation Inc. FB)

North Nation Inc. was formed late last year by four siblings from Mabaruma to make volleyball more recognised across Guyana and grow the sport in underdeveloped areas.

North Nation has recognised that there are more avenues for younger people to get into the sport, but not enough is being done for adults who may be interested.

Vance Harding

Vance Harding, Co-founder of North Nation Inc. said, “It’s not about starting from young, everyone I gifted in their own way. You can be 20/30 and you can still come and be a good volleyball player. It’s all about the mind, the fitness and the body. I think they can make it.”

They hope to grow the sport more recreationally as well as competitively, as they believe that widening the sport’s reach across the country to players of all ages and genders will make the sport become more recognised and therefore benefit volleyball as a whole.

“I don’t want to just keep it to kids because I know there are adults out there who would like to learn the sport. So to build the Volleyball Federation or volleyball in Guyana, I’d like to teach any and everyone – young or old.”

North Nation Inc. is working to launch its volleyball academy which will start with youth players then expand to include older players.

“My focus is making volleyball known in Guyana. When people hear volleyball, they don’t really know players or maybe just two players if so much. So for me, it’s building the sport. It’s more about letting everyone know that volleyball is played in Guyana.”

North Nation is also working to develop volleyball academies in hinterland regions.

Later this year, they plan to host more local tournaments for male and female teams since there has been a lack of competitive opportunities for women in the sport since the onset of the pandemic.

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