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New line of Atlantic Readers series to be translated to foreign languages

The Ministry of Education today published the Atlantic Readers series workbook and text books for levels one to six. These books were written and published locally in an effort to reduce the high cost of importing books .

These books were also written to the Guyanese culture.

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand said she is hopeful these books will improve the literacy rate among primary school students. She note that every child will receive a copy of these books according to their various levels.

"These books are intended to give each child especially in this covid time when we don’t want six children coming around the table trying to read this book and there is no time to catch up we’re giving each child a reader and a workbook and this is going to have to be replicated”

she said

She assured that no child will be left behind due to language barrier as the books will be translated to several foreign languages for non English learners.

”We don’t plan to stop at the production of the book in self, these books will go on to be translated into spanish for the spanish speaking children in the country and we are also going to translate into the Wapishan language and other Indigenous languages so that we can have the reader effective to children across the land”

Minister Manickchand said

The first three parts of the reader was published back in 2015 and the workbooks were to be written after. However, after the change of Government this was not the case, as such the Education Minister boasted of her Ministry's achievement.

Furthermore, Minister Manickchand urged teachers to start taking a more proactive approach towards ensuring each child can read and write.

"if they can't read in grade four then you are going to have to answer. If you have 23 students in the classroom then you need to have 23 individual plan on how you are going to teach these children"

Meanwhile, the subject Minister assured that under her leadership each child will be given all the textbooks needed for their education.

"this year we have been given $1.2 billion in the budget for the printing of text books and I am promising you that every child will receive all the text book they need at every school and that will be the first time this is happening"

she said.


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