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More high-powered weapons recovered by Police in Region 7

The firearms and ammunition [Photo: Guyana Police Force]

Police in Region Seven on Saturday recovered more high-powered weapons as they continued to track down the suspect, who was busted with a Rockriver 5.56 MM Rifle and 27 rounds at Blackwater Backdam on May 31.

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) said that after receiving information about the suspect's whereabouts, ranks went to a mining camp about 15:00h today.

Upon arrival at the camp, the suspect had already fled the scene. However, the camp owner was questioned, and he revealed that the suspect who was known to him had went to his camp the previous night.

According to the owner, the suspect had four firearms in a bag and told him he needed money.

"The camp owner said the suspect buried the firearms at three different locations on the campground and then slept the night," GPF said.

Several areas were dug, and one Rickover 5.56 MM Rifle, one Benelli ARMI Rifle, one 13-gauge Magnum Shotgun, one FN Rifle, and 37 .223 rounds of ammunition were found.

The area was searched, but the suspect was not located. The firearms and ammunition were taken to the Bartica Police Station and lodged. Investigation continues.


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