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High-powered rifle, 26 rounds of ammunition recovered by Police in Region 7

The high-powered rifle, and the 26 rounds of ammunition [Photo: Guyana Police Force]

Following reports of someone “indiscriminately” discharging a firearm in Blackwater Backdam, Cuyuni River, Region Seven on Tuesday, Police have recovered a high-powered rifle and 26 rounds of ammunition.

The Guyana Police Force’s (GPF) Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) said two ranks were dispatched to the area and were taken to the camp where the man accused of discharging the firearm was located.

Upon approaching the man, the ranks observed a rifle in his hand, and upon seeing the ranks, he dropped the firearm and ran into the nearby bushes.

The ranks pursued him, but they were unable to apprehend him. The firearm was a Rockriver 5.56 mm Rifle with 27 rounds.

The ranks took possession of the firearm, and searches continue for the suspect, the GPF Communications United noted.


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