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MoE Tech Expo launched to bring awareness to locals on new and prevailing technologies

National Centre of Educational Resources Development's (NCERD) auditorium will close tomorrow, March 25.

This expo is being held under the theme ‘Enhancing traditional and nontraditional technology.’

This expo aims to bring awareness to locals about new and prevailing technologies and how they can be used for advancement. This is according to Chief Education Officer (CEO) Dr Marcel Hutson.

“Technology is a global factor to digitalization and globalisation. If we want to experience what the developed world is experiencing it is important that we get to the programme” he said.

He also urged the persons visiting the exhibition sites to utilise the knowledge of these technologies to be innovators and creators.

“Start thinking big about how you can contribute to the development of your nation and by extension the world.”

Meanwhile, the Head of the Management and Information System Unit at the Ministry, Yoganand Indarsingh posited that it is important to keep up to date with technology as there are several career opportunities in this field.

“This is the time to be energy independent to be energy diverse and also to be energy sustainable. So we’re talking about various ranges of technology there, solar, wind, gas, manufacturing, infrastructure, technology, agriculture and mining.”

Heavy emphasis will also be placed on the development of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in schools.

For this, he explained, “we will need to bring into your classroom real-world applications and appreciation of how real-world discoveries and intervention can play a role in addressing our current needs to be able to create and adapt technologies.”

In the meanwhile, the Education team is encouraging everyone to embrace technology despite the generation they’ve come from.

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