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MOE investigating circumstances surrounding St. Joseph's High School student death

Parents protested outside the St. Joseph's High School on Monday morning (Photo: Melissa Liverpool)

Parents across social media were in uproar over controversial circumstances leading up to a student at St. Joseph's High School taking his own life. 

There are allegations that the young man endured mistreatment by a member of the school's faculty as well as physical aggression while on the school premises. 

Concerned parents took to the street out earlier today amid silence from the school administration and the Ministry of Education. 

The Ministry has since issued a statement saying they have concluded a preliminary investigation, but could not divulge any details due to the "nature of the matter". 

The Ministry said, "Our thoughts and prayers are with the child’s family and friends during this difficult time. The ministry has committed its support to the family and is pursuing that commitment. Following the incident, psycho social support is being offered to the student body and staff."

The Ministry is also currently investigating another matter of aggression at a local public school in Region Four of after a young boy posted a video of himself being attacked by another student in a classroom, claiming that is due to his sexuality.

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