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Massive development on stream for Region One

President Ali engaging residents of Port Kaituma

President Dr Irfaan Ali engaged residents of Port Kaituma and Matthew’s Ridge earlier this week where he highlighted numerous plans to improve access to education, support for farmers.

While addressing residents of Port Kaituma, President Irfaan Ali noted the benefits the MV MA Lisha vessel, which will ply the Barima-Waini/Georgetown route next year, will bring to the region.

“That ferry will not only be faster, it will be much more efficient, it will be much more comfortable… Now that we are removing all the trade barriers to Caricom, we can easily get our food production, our agricultural products in the markets into those areas.”

He also indicated plans to help increase production in agriculture in the region.

“We want to help you with the equipment, bringing in the equipment, help you establish the farm so that you can have proper drainage… and support your transportation infrastructure so you can get your produce to the market.”

The Head of State said the Minister of Agriculture will be engaging resident later this week on expending aquaculture, establishing more farms with proper drainage, and improving efficiency in transporting agricultural products between regions.

In the area of boosting transportation, President Ali further stated that this will also help to ensure better access to education as he will ensure no child will have to miss school because they had no boats to take them there.

Later in the day, he visited Matthew’s Ridge where he stated that the Government is investing 10 million dollars to enhance sporting facilities and construct a pavilion.


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