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Local agro-processors seek export & investment opportunities at Agri Expo

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

A team from News Update on Friday toured the Agri Investment Forum and Expo on Friday where we spoke with a number of local agro-processors who said they are looking to raise their companies' profiles while exploring the possibilities of new partnerships and investment opportunities.

Our team spoke with Chief Executive Officer of Amazon Caribbean Guyana Limited, a local agro processing company that specialises in wild palm hearts, Jean Francois.

According to him, this product does not have a market in the Caribbean. The company is also hoping to engage new customers at this expo.

CEO of Amazon Caribbean Guyana Jean Francois.

“We have a diversification programme going into fruits. We have already planted the fruits. We try to meet people in the same line that we are and try to see if we can find investors or new customers.”

Amazon Caribbean Guyana's product.

Dixie Jordan, Owner and Founder of DIXIE’S Punch De Crème says she is looking for investors and an export market for her local crème liqueur.

Dixie Jordan, Owner & Founder of DIXIE’S Punch De Crème.

“The Expo has been great, the exposure, a wide variety of people could see my product and know what it is, have a sample, probably take a bottle, so, so far it’s been going great for me.”

Local Crème Liqueur.

Meanwhile, Andrew Campbell Owner and Founder of Ebesowana Natural Foods explained that his main intention is to create linkages and partnerships with other business owners.

Andrew Campbell Owner and Founder of Ebesowana Natural Foods

“Well it has been good, it’s always good to interact with other businesses to create that linkages…(…) in any expo we look to get our brand out there a wider viewership so this is a key element of being here as well.”

Local chocolate produced by Ebesowana Natural Foods.

Denies Grant, a local bath and beauty products manufacturer said she is looking for an export market for her products, as her company does not currently export.

“Persons have been coming; showing interest so there’s a lot of potential.” When asked how she felt about this she said, “Yes I’m excited, the organisers I think did a very good job. This is very good. I like how he (President Ali) is pushing the agro sector so I was saying hats off to him with the good job that he is doing and I look forward to the future.”

Some of Denies's bath products.

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