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Jason Fraser heaps praises on Guyana Mixed Martial Arts Federation

Executive Member of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation with responsibility for the Pan American region, Jason Fraser, heaped praises on the Guyana Mixed Martial Arts Federation for outstanding progress.

(from left to right) Guyana Police Force MMA Academy Sensei Troy Bobb, GMMAF executive Michael Singh, National Fighter Corwin D'Anjou, GMMAF President Gavin Singh, IMMAF executive Jason Fraser, GMMAF Vice-President Sherwin Sandy

Jason Fraser has been thoroughly impressed with the Guyana Mixed Martial Arts Federation (GMMAF’s) successes over the past 18 months.

Guyana was recently unanimously voted as one of the new 20 full members of the IMMAF following the staging of the entity’s congress during the World Amateur Championship in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Fraser, who is also the head of the MMA Federations for the Caribbean and Trinidad and Tobago, heaped praises on the two Guyanese fighters who attended the World Championship.

Jason Fraser, President of the Caribbean and Trinidad and Tobago MMA Federations

“These two athletes (Ijaz Cave and Corwin D’Anjou) didn’t attend a Pan American games before. Or a Caribbean Championship. They were taken from here and put among the best of the best in the world. And held their part, they held their own.”

Fraser also emphasised that they will benefit greatly from this experience.

“They didn’t walk away with a W, but they went away with an L. And that L is not losing, that L stands for a lesson. They learned many lessons from that Championship. They could now come here and help and encourage the athletes that are here on what it takes to really compete on an international stage.”

Notably, this is the first time Guyana has been represented at an MMA World Championship.

Corwin D’Anjou said,

“The next logical step for not only myself but (Ijaz) Cave and team Guyana is that we head back to training and place emphasis on what we might consider our shortcomings.”

“Whether it’s to increase the intensity of our training, our ways in which we engage, methods of taking the fight to the ground and defending same.”
Guyana’s Corwin D’Anjou (right) fighting Ireland’s Adam McEnroe during the IMMAF World Championship in Abu Dhabi (IMMAF)

“More or less it’s just about coming back home with the experience we would have gained and applying ourselves to return to the international pool and do better.”

Additionally, Fraser noted that the current GMMAF dispensation under the leadership of Singh is the fastest-growing MMA body in the region.

He was also commended Guyana for having a doctor travel to the championship with our delegation, even with financial restrictions.

Delving into the past, Fraser remarked that Guyana has had many past achievements in the sport, even before establishing an official body, through the hard work of persons passionate about the sport such as Michael Singh, executive member of the GMMAF, and Troy Bobb, Chief Instructor at the Guyana Police Force Mixed Martial Arts club.

(from left to right) GMMAF executive Michael Singh, National Fighter Corwin D'Anjou, GMMAF President Gavin Singh, IMMAF executive Jason Fraser

“Troy Bobb has been very instrumental in having athletes, 3 years straight, attend international championships in Trinidad. Shanice Bobb, Paul Ignatius and I think Troy Bobb Jr., if my memory serves me right. Michael (Singh) came to Trinidad, and Shaniece won gold. And the girl who she stop was a veteran.”

Fraser noted.

He added that this is testament to the raw talent that exists in Guyana.

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