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Jagdeo says Guyana not getting into China/US tension

During Press Conference
Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo

"Predetermined" - that was the word used by Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo to describe the interview he was recently on which was facilitated by Vice News.

The Vice President said the journalist's aim was to portray Guyana as a "corrupt" third world country.

Dr. Jagdeo during a press conference held on Tuesday Evening at the Arthur Chung's Convention center said he has taken note of several articles published by Vice News which appears to be critical to the Chinese Government and perhaps this was the aim of the journalist since such stories spike interest in the United States (US).

The former Head of State made it clear that Guyana will not be caught up in a "cold war" scenario among the two countries.

Furthermore, he criticized the Journalist for her "lack of preparedness."

The senior Government official was making reference to questions asked by the journalists on contracts awarded to the Chinese. Dr. Jagdeo said,

"the Schoonord/Parika road and I had a difficult time understanding this is a Chinese project because that project I couldn’t even believe she said that is a Chinese project we haven’t even complete the design as yet much less award a contract and similar the extension of the East coast highway that is again not true.”


The General Secretary of the PPP/C party admitted to help investors and said "we believe in friends everywhere" however, he denied the claims of taking bribe from them .He was pointing out to a question asked by the Journalist which alleged that he takes bribe from a Chinese businessman by the name "Su".

Jagdeo further went on to said that the Chinese businessman has denied claims of the allegations. However, should this be true and he finds out he is using his name for personal benefits he will seize from meeting with him.

Jagdeo made it clear that he has no foreign bank account while noting that his assets have been declared by the Integrity Commission - the body that examines the assets of public officials in an effort to maintain transparency and accountability.


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