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“It doesn't matter what is thrown my way; I will continue to persevere,” says 26 y/o businesswoman

Updated: May 27, 2022

Throughout history, numerous people have emphasised the fact that success does not come easily. However, only a select few can genuinely claim to have achieved success with the belief that they went above and beyond to get the desired result.

Perhaps, because of this trait that 26-year-old Tamana Safraj has been cementing her name in every aspect of life. Besides, her story emphasises the value of never giving up on one's dreams, especially in the face of adversity.

Safraj, who hails from Bartica, Region Seven, recalled that her childhood was filled with many huge potholes and dangerous turns but believed that determination and consistency kept her throughout the journey.

Between 2000 and 2001, Safraj's life went on an uphill battle after her mother was evicted from her home by those she considered “family.” The woman said that the situation forced her mother to live with some friends at Parika, East Bank Essequibo (EBE).

“I had days of which I attended Nursery School with mere sugar water in my bottle eagerly, awaiting the distribution of school biscuit, that is all we could've afforded at that time,” the now 26-year-old woman recounted.

As time passed by, her family decided to return to Bartica, this time to make a fresh start.

“However, from age five months old to adulthood, I was raised by my single mom, and she portrayed to me what a strong and determined woman is; from her, I got my strong-willed traits. Hence I knew I couldn't give up.”

Tamana and her son

After completing her secondary education, Safraj graduated with passes ranging from Grades one to three. In 2017, she studied Certificate in Supervisory Management, where she passed with Distinction and was crowded the Valedictorian.

Not stopping there, she further enrolled with the American University of Peace Studies, where she read for her Diploma in General Psychology and graduated with a Distinction after securing a 4.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) and copped Valedictorian spot.

In 2020, Safraj pursued a Certificate in Counseling, where she got another Distinction and was also the Valedictorian.

“Being an all-time student of life, I am also a single mom of a handsome little boy, which propelled me to start something, which will enable me to provide for my son.”

As a result, Safraj launched two businesses - TT Online Shopping and Kei's Couture. TT Online Shopping caters to adult clothing and accessories, among other things, on pre-order, while Kei's Couture caters strictly to kids' clothing and accessories, which are readily available.

“TT Online Shopping started when my personal life was in turmoil, but I knew I had to put things in place to get my life together,” the businesswoman said while adding that Kei’s Couture was launched to have a fund for her son.

“Kei's Couture started to be able to start an education fund for my son so as he grows older, his education will not and should not be a financial burden on him or myself, as I believe I owe it to my son to educate him. He should never be deprived of an education simply because he cannot afford it.”

Despite only having GYD$40,000, the 26-year-old businesswoman educed that she went into the Bank and applied for a debit card, which she used to place her orders.

“I started ordering one and two pieces of clothing for my friends that had shown support from the very get-go; as the word started to go around, people would constantly meet me and ask if I can order this or that from them, and that's how the journey began.”

This budding businesswoman noted that the public has been responding positively to her businesses given the fact that they offer payment plans coupled with outstanding and efficient service.

“Being a young woman in business, almost everything comes with pros and cons; one of my biggest challenges is I do not presently have a physical walk-in location, sometimes persons refuse to wait the approximate time span for a specific product.”

“But, I believe in due time that will be fixed; investing can be a bit difficult right now the present epidemic that has us facing some really trying times, but I will not give up. It doesn't matter what is thrown my way; I will continue to persevere.”

To this end, Safraj's ultimate dream is for her business to one day be able to have a physical location in at least three out of the Ten Administrative Region.

You can find Safraj’s business pages on Facebook at TT Online Shopping, Kei's Couture, or on Instagram at or kei_couture. You can even WhatsApp her at +5926301043.


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