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18-year-old Antonio Ramcharran sits at the helm of two businesses

Updated: May 27, 2022

While most 18-year-olds are now putting the bits and pieces of their life together, Antonio Ramcharran is already in an upward direction in one of the most competitive fields – the business industry.

Hailing from the ancient county of Berbice, Ramcharran, who is the eldest of five siblings, explained that growing up was “adventurous” yet “challenging”, but these events have moulded him into an outstanding young man he is today.

With a knack for personal development, Ramcharran is presently preparing for his final exams to complete the CAT/ACCA qualifications at Jannat College of Accountancy.

At just the age of 18, he also holds a high school Diploma and two Diplomas, namely, an ACCA Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting (RQF Level 2 and 3.)

“The reason I decided to launch Antonio’s Academy in 2020 was due to the lack of job opportunities in Berbice, specifically in New Amsterdam for young adults and teenagers who have just completed their secondary education.”

He continued, “I have a passion for teaching, and I grew to love Information Technology, so I decided to venture into something I was passionate about and started with two students tutoring them for their Information Technology exam.”

From there, “Antonio’s Academy bloomed into a much-needed service in Berbice, the young businessman said while noting the “word spread” about his classes, which prompted him to offer more subjects, namely, Principles of Accounts and Electronic Document Perpetration and Management.

With a strong passion for entrepreneurship, Ramcharran launched another business in 2022 under the name Cyber Store. He stated that with this new venture, he aims to provide quality and exceptional goods to the Guyanese populace at affordable prices.

“We recently launched our website at, where customers can shop for our featured products, or they can also send us a link of their favourite products for a free quote.”

According to the Berbician, being just 18 and starting a new business has its fair share of challenges.

“Ideas are fresh, but you have limited resources, but that did not stop me; I learnt how to make use of those limited resources to ensure my services offered are of quality. It is also a bit exciting to be a young adult in business. I have the opportunity to explore and bring a change into the business community,” the teenager posited.

His advice to anyone venturing into a business is “get up and do it!”

“There will never be a perfect time to start, do not sit and wait and plan for that perfect time. Make a plan and execute it,” he urged.

The 18-year-old businessman's dream is to complete his ACCA journey and become certified in accounting. “I would like one day like to pursue entrepreneurship in the accounting field and continue with my current business as I plan to bring quality and affordable services to all Guyanese,” Ramcharran concluded.

Antonio’s Academy and Cyber Store can be contacted on Facebook and Instagram. You can also visit their website at or WhatsApp at (+592) 644-1254.


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