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"I want me daughter life back"-Mother of woman who was beaten, stabbed to death

The children of the deceased woman and her mother

"Is better a child bury a parent than for a parent to bury a child" were the words of Shondell, the mother of 21-year-old Carol Davidson, who was beaten and stabbed to death on Monday by three females and one male.

Reports are that Davidson was "drinking" alcohol with a group of friends in a yard in the vicinity of Brickdam Secondary School Bridge when she was attacked by the suspects with several pieces of wood.

She managed to run a short distance but was pursued by the three women and one male. Subsequently, the suspects, one of whom was later seen with a knife in her right hand, left the yard.

Davidson, who had a suspected stab wound in her chest area, was then found lying face down on the ground.

During an interview with MTV News Update, the woman's mother recalled being at home when she received the brutal news that her daughter had been attacked.

"I home yesterday about 11:00 something. Me lil daughter Shontell come and tell me, mommy, mommy, mommy come quick. I say what happen. So I leff my work, and I run out. They tell me, my daughter, on the bridge bleeding, so I go now I run through the rain the rain was falling the same time," the grieving mother recalled.

Shondell recalled that she then rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where she received the shocking news of her daughter's demise.

"When I go the outpost now, the corporal police she say mommy this is you daughter? I say yeh this is my daughter. She say, mommy, sit. When I sit now, she say, I go take you into the room. When she take me into the room now, I see me daughter lie down, and I see me daughter two toes tie-up with a cloth."

She continued, "I say, man y'all please tell me wa happened to me daughter, the nurse say mommy I won't tell you. A doctor come, and I say, doctor, please tell me what happen to me daughter. He say, ma'am, I won't hold it from you, she passed away."

Shondell related that, indeed, her daughter and one of the suspects had an issue, but her daughter never resorted to violence.

"She go buse she go cuss but any violence she was not in it." The mother, who was fighting back tears, told our team that she wants justice for her daughter.

She said, "I don't want no money; I don't want no sympathy from none of them. I want me daughter's life and if I can't get it, count every mop you wiping with count every strip of them. That is my only big daughter."

Carol was the eldest of eight children. She has left to mourn two sons, who are eight and three years old.

The family members related that her eight-year-old son is already missing her. According to the family, the child told them that his mother did not send him to school because she knew she would die. The four suspects have since been arrested and are in police custody.

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