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High demand in chicken causing shortages countrywide

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

- Poultry industry working to adjust to high demand; to be resolved by April

Consumers across the country have been complaining about the high cost of chicken meat which is a direct result of shortages experienced by the poultry industry. Director of the Guyana Poultry Producers Association (GPPA) David Fernandes told News Update that there has been a significant increase in the demand for chicken by fast food outlets across Guyana.

Director of GPPA, David Fernandes.

In addition, the removal of curfew is also a main factor in the demand for chicken as people now go out later in the night.

“Yes, we have been doing a reasonably good job but it’s not easy because of the pressure right now; until the production gets up to where it needs to be, it's putting pressure on the industry,” Fernandes stated. However, he said this shortage will be resolved until April as it is a long process to take production back to where it was before.

“You have to order the eggs, you have to import the eggs, you have to hatch them, so it’s one week to order, 3 weeks to hatch and then 67 weeks for the birds to grow.” The Director of GPPA also revealed that they are working on a similar initiative such as the Soya bean and corn initiative, whereby investments can be made for the breeding of meat birds locally. “Doing breeding is another element that makes you vertically integrated as an industry, that will make us more self-reliant and self-sufficient.” He said the Poultry industry will continue to make adjustments as the industry evolves and grows over time.

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