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“Hemp Industry completely different from Marijuana Plantation”

- Hemp industry can be used to help at-risk communities – President Ali

President Dr Irfaan Ali said he is optimistic that Guyana can develop a viable hemp industry. However, he is clarifying that this new industry is not in any way similar to that of the marijuana industry.

President Dr Irfaan Ali at the Police Conference on Thursday.

“It is completely different” Dr Ali stated.

He made these statements during his feature address at the opening of the Annual Guyana Police Force’s Officers’ Conference on Thursday.

According to the Head of State, this industry can generate jobs and bring high-value returns in terms of processing and value-added products.

"The hemp industry is not only about hemp production but it’s about having the processing and value-added facilities here in Guyana."

Dr Ali reiterated his intention to hold discussions with farmers in the marijuana industry so they can understand the importance and economic benefits of the ‘hemp industry’.

He believes that it is the responsibility of the President to take charge in having conversations with these persons so that a level of trust can be formed.

"We can bring those farmers to understanding that you do not need to go down this road, that we’re developing an industry which you can be a part of it, that will give you more returns in a legal way and you don’t have to pay hiding and risk your future and your family future," President Ali emphasised.

In addition to the industry providing a net gain for the country, he said it can assist vulnerable communities across the country. "So yes, this is an industry that can also help in at-risk communities," the Head-of-state remarked.

The Government is currently in the process of coming up with legislation that will govern the hemp industry as they move to legalise hemp production in Guyana.

Hemp companies in Guyana have already stated that they would work along with the Government to ensure that it is a ‘properly regulated’ industry.


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