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Hemp activists will work with Government to ensure the hemp industry is 'properly regulated'

The Guyana Hemp Industries (GHI) says they will work along with the Government in ensuring that the hemp industry is 'properly regulated', as the Government is in the process of legalising the cultivation of hemp. This was disclosed by the Co-Chairman of the Guyana Hemp Industries Michael Kirton during an interview with News Update.

Co-Chairman of the Guyana Hemp Industries, Michael Kirton.

The hemp industry has to be monitored as hemp and marijuana are from the same species. Hemp is a botanical class of cannabis grown specifically for industrial or medicinal use; however, they share the same features. “We know that there will be many opportunists trying to get on board but we are going to safely assist the Government in having a properly regulated hemp industry,” he said. Recently, Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo said the Government is looking to diversify the Skeldon Sugar Estate with the cultivation of hemp, aquaculture and others. In this regard, the Co-Chair said a team met with residents from this area who expressed their eagerness in the industry.

Kirton stated, “The residents of those communities do wish that it could happen tomorrow, for some of them are struggling and they look forward to hemp being planted at Skeldon.” Kirton has commended President Ali’s move to engage ‘marijuana’ farmers to switch to the cultivation of hemp. He is optimistic that these farmers can join them and expand the industry while ensuring that citizens benefit from the new industry.


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