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Guyoil and Shell increase fuel price; Rubis still to announce increase

Guyoil's price board(Photo: MTV News Update) 12/05/2022

Fuel prices spiked in March as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia is known to be one of the main suppliers of oil and gas to the world. Russia was then sanctioned by the US for their military actions which caused further instability on the global market.

To combat that increase locally, the Government announced that the 10% excise tax on diesel and gasoline be slashed to zero with immediate effect.

Now approximately two months later, the prices have increased again.

MTV News Update visited the Guyoil, Shell and Rubis gas stations and recorded the current prices of fuel.

Based on the prices displayed on the board, Guyoil and Shell have already raised their prices while prices at the Rubis gas stations remained unchanged.

At Guyoil the price stood at $198 per litre for gasoline, while diesel was sold at $185 per litre. However, Thursday's price for gas was recorded at $239 per litre. At Shell, the price for gas increased by $2.

News Update also sought to solicit comments from some of the motorists at the various fuel stations but they refused to comment. It is not yet known whether the Government will announce any further measures to combat this increase.


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