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Guyana Mixed Martial Arts Federation enthusiastic for busy year ahead

The Guyana Mixed Martial arts federation is anticipating a competitive year for local fighters as they aim to compete in several event.

The federation has seen much development locally, since the body’s inception 18 months ago.

Competitive year ahead

The Guyana Mixed Martial Arts Federation is anticipating a busy competitive calendar for fights, with local and regional events on the horizon.

Local mixed martial artists are set for a busy year in the Octagon with a number of competitive events both locally and regionally.

“We’re definitely now looking at hosting inter-club tournaments, we’re also looking to host some regional notable tournaments.”

Gavin Singh, President of the Guyana Mixed Martial Arts Federation said.

Fighters will also be in action at the Pan American games in Mexico City, set for March.

“This would require again financial support, so both club, federation and corporate we’re looking to have aid us with regards to that.”

KFC has signs on as a long term sponsor

He made these announcements while speaking at a handover ceremony for sponsorship from Beharry enterprise through their KFC franchise.

“It is a young sport, but it is the second fastest growing sport in the world. And, we definitely know that it’s one of the safest sports, compared to boxing.”

Singh stated.

KFC provided $1.5M to offset expenses for the athletes’ participation in the Abu Dhabi World Championships.

He also promised to stay on as a long term sponsor for the federation to support them in future events.

IMMAF World Championships

Corwin D’Anjou and Ijaz Cave became the first two Guyanese to compete at the IMMAF Amateur World Championship in Abu Dhabi earlier this month.

“I am truly proud and happy with the performance that the athletes’ have given at the world championships. Particularly, they went and have given their best.”

D’Anjou suffered a first round exit due to a technical knockout while Cave’s exit was due to a full knock out.

“Everyone has a right of free speech. I only encourage the public at this point in time to encourage our athletes, because they are fellow Guyanese just like yourself."

Due to IMMAF’s medical evaluation, Cave was asked not to compete within the next six months to ensure there are no long term effects to his health, although he is currently seen fit.

“It is the international federation’s rule and policy that once an athlete competes in the Octagon, they must be taken to the hospital for medical observation. And the reason for this, they’re very serious when it comes to concussions. I have to state that the athlete Ijaz Cave will not be competing for the next six months.”

IMMAF member status for Guyana

The Guyana Mixed Martial Arts Federation was unanimously voted in as one of the 20 new Member Association affiliated to the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF).

The federation had formerly been operation on conditional approval for the past 18 months.

Guyana was represented by Dr Sawan Jagnarain at the AGM/Congress.

Dr Jagnarain is the local entity’s head of anti-doping and medical advisor.

Of the eligible 37 voters, the country was given a 34-0 nod of approval.

Jamaica and Barbados were also given approval, joiing Trinidad and Tobago, The Bahamas and St Lucia as the countries from the Caribbean that are members of the IMMAF.

Meanwhile, Kerrith Brown, the IMMAF president, said the Federation will be working closely with its affiliates in the Caribbean, as they push to have as many accredited coaches to implement a development strategy, promoting Amateur MMA as a safe sport.

The IMMAF president said his Federation will also seek to foster a close working relationship with the respective Governments in the Region, deeming it vital for the sustenance, development and enhancement of the sport in the Caribbean.

Singh said the

“the Federation is committed to ensuring proper strategy and planning is place for our future success. We can only do this together with all our stakeholders. We will be continuously working diligently together with the IMMAF and the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport to ensure that future of Mixed Martial Arts in Guyana is a success.”


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