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GPF to increase security at city markets following US Embassy crime alert

Following the issuance of a statement by the United States Embassy on Monday, warning US citizens and its staff members against visiting the Stabroek and Bourda markets unaccompanied, the Guyana Police Force has since committed to implementing new strategies to increase security at these areas.

The Force made this move after the Embassy highlighted that these areas are known for a high level of criminal activity.

In a statement on Wednesday, the police force revealed that the commander for Georgetown District, Assistant Commissioner Simon McBean held discussions with the Chief City Constable and held discussions on strategies to increase public safety.

The Force will also provide resources to the Council to have a visible police presence in the areas and will continue to work together to ensure public safety.

The Embassy in the statement said the city is rated critical for crime with incidents of robberies, sexual assaults, vehicle accidents and homicides, particularly in high-risk areas after dark.

Earlier in January, several vendors at the Stabroek Market told News Update that with the high crime rate it is fearful to sell every day and have large sums of cash on them.

The citizens had called on the Force to be more proactive in executing their duties and getting the criminals off the street.

Furthermore, several cameras are expected to be placed in these areas.


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