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GAN Inc to host Intellectual Property training for local creatives

The Guyana Animation Network (GAN) is a non-government organisation that works to create training and opportunities for the digital and creative community in Guyana, particularly at the youth level.

GAN is set to host an Intellectual Property Workshop from November 28-30 to offer realistic and practical approaches for creatives across all mediums to learn ways to protect and leverage their work.

The workshop runs for three evenings from 6:00hrs - 7:30hrs virtually at $30,000 per person.

Participants will also be allowed to ask pointed questions about real time scenarios that their creative or innovative work have faced and have these questions answered with the strategies that can be implemented.

This workshop will be facilitated by Jubilanté Cutting, Founder of GAN Inc.

“You know if they see someone copying their work and using it, there are tools in place that they can either advocate for that person to take it down or compensate them. If it’s a case where, maybe a musician wants to have their song played at a show or an investor says ‘Oh I want to hear you sing’ or they want to record your music – they would know what empowerment they have in advocating for the price or value of their work”

Cutting is the producer at GAN Studios and has over 8 years of experience as a Trademarks Paralegal and researcher in Intellectual Property. She is also an Attorney-at-Law who has practice experience in the areas of commercial and creative contract law. She has serviced communications, creative and sportswomen on intellectual property/contract matters.

She says this workshop will include special guests who will also share their intellectual property experiences to help participating creators and businesses understand how they can leverage their work.

“There are legislation in place, Guyana has a copyright laws we have adopted from the UK 1956 Act. We also have a trademark act, we have a patent, we have designs, we do have intellectual property legislation in place but we need to have more conversations about them and what they allow, what they don’t allow and how we as a creative community can have a change and innovation through the legislation as well.”

This workshop will be followed by a TechSprint Challenge. This competition will implement principles learned during the workshop in a practical way.

Cutting says his will also challenge participants to implement intellectual property solutions into their operations in the categories of trademarks, copyright and trade secrets/creative contracts.

“Persons who win the challenge will have a sponsored opportunity to have one of their pieces of work either registered under one of the categories where it’s possible for registration, or they will be able to receive the notices we have utilised in order to protect their work. They will also receive strategies on how they can earn from it.”


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