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GAN Inc advocates for more creative spaces for advancement of tech innovation, performing arts

Youths from Sophia Care Centre in first animation workshop to be held in the CARICOM Secretariat Headquarters (Photo: GAN Inc.)

The Guyana Animation Network says more spaces for creatives to hone their skills across technology, animation and the arts are needed to further fuel their development.

The Guyana Animation Network (GAN Inc) is a non-government organisation created to support Guyanese creatives, especially youths, in technology, animation and art.

GAN has carried out a number of annual programmes and workshops since being established in 2016.

Jubilanté Cutting, Founder and Director of GAN Inc, envisions the establishment of creative hubs across Guyana as places different creatives can have access to in order to better develop their skills.

“One of the challenges I’ve observed in the creative community, also creators have shared with me, is that they don’t have a place they can go to, to create their work. Where they have access to the space that is affordable or even free and has access to the technological facilities, Wi-Fi and high-speed internet.”

She further stated that an institute dedicated to performing arts, visual arts, animation, and game development is needed to grow interest in the local creative industry, as well as provide avenues for development for existing creatives.

The Caribbean Examination Council’s Digital Media CAPE programme is offered at some schools in Guyana, but struggles to find teachers to keep the course running.

Cutting acknowledged the work done by other tertiary institutions that offer programmes for creatives such as the University of Guyana, Guyana Technical Institute and Board of industrial Training – but says there is a need for spaces solely dedicated to creatives.

“How can Guyana produce more games that are developed? How can we produce more actors and really stem into the global media sector? How can we produce more animation production? It has to be a holistic effort.”

This idea was partly inspired by the National Academy for Performing Arts (NAPA) in Trinidad and Tobago. The facility is a nexus of cultural activity, and serves as a performance and teaching academy, as well as an entertainment venue.

National Academy for Performing Arts (NAPA) Port of Spain, Trinidad (Photo: Dentinationtnt)

This facility also hosts Animae Caribe’s Animation and Digital Media Festival; the Caribbean’s biggest and most prestigious animation festival, providing a platform for the development of animators, as well as the exposure of animation as a viable business. GAN often participates in this event.

“I think creators would love to go to that safe space and just create, and to be in a place where they feel valued and appreciated.”


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