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CPCE Teacher Training launched to increase accessibility to learning resources for teachers

The CPCE Teacher Training is a newly launched initiative that will build capacity in the teaching sector through virtual sessions aired weekly.

Guyana Learning Channel, as of Thursday, has officially launched a new collaboration with the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE) to implement all in-service teacher education and distance education programmes, in order to improve the quality of education at all levels in the system.

Senior Lecturer with responsibility for the Teaching Practice Department Angela Monfort says this initiative will make courses offered at various CPCE centres more accessible to a wider range of persons.

“It refers to the practical aspect of every teach trainees stint here at the Cyril Potter College of Education. The department’s offerings cater for the development of pedagogical skills of all our teacher candidates, regardless of their programmes.”

She says this initiative will facilitate the development of all skills necessary for the effective and efficient teaching in the classroom.

Natasha Wilson, who is also a Senior Lecturer within the department, says teachers will benefit greatly from the Preparation for Practicum course.

“This gives them the pre-requisite knowledge and skills they need to function effectively in the classroom.”

Some other courses include; mathematical modelling and prediction, physical and biological science, essentials of english proficiency, introduction to linguistics, early childhood development, technology for teaching and learning and middle/later childhood development.

The overall aim of the CPCE Teacher Training project is to ensure education can serve as an effective instrument of social and economic development.

Teachers and anyone with an interest can access these sessions on the Guyana Learning Channel’s YouTube channel, on television, E Networks Cable/Satellite & Facebook, platform as well as the Ministry of Education's website.


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