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Frankfurt Zoological Society inks 5-year MOU to expand Guyana's Protected Areas

(from left) Dr. Antje Müllner and Permanent Secretary within the Office of the President, Abeena Moore signing the MoU in the presence of Foreign Secretary, Robert Persaud, and other PAC staff (Photo: DPI)

The Frankfurt Zoological Society has signed a five year memorandum of understanding that will ensure further expansion and protection of Guyana's Protected areas.

The Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) is an international organisation that works to protect wildlife and ecosystems as well as support Protected areas and wilderness across the world.

They have worked with Guyana's Protected Areas Commission since the local body was established.

Dr. Antje Mullner, Head of the South America and Southeast Asia Department at FZS emphasised that the protection and expansion of Guyana’s protected areas plays a vital role in the fight against climate change.

“Protected areas play a fundamental role in any national biodiversity strategy. We think they are a main pillar of conserving long-term, healthy ecosystems, and the ecological functions we need for our food security and climate stability,”

The main goal of this new memorandum of understanding is supporting the revised low carbon development strategy.

The agreement will facilitate design and protection of new protected areas, further protection of existing protected areas, safeguarding of new habitats and environmental education.

Foreign Secretary Robert Persaud, who also Chairs the Board of the Protected Areas commission, notes that Guyana has seen increased levels of trust from international stakeholders who want to be partners in the country’s development.

He says agreements such as this and the recent historic carbon credit agreement with Hess Corporation are hallmarks of strides Guyana is making in climate action.

“It’s unique in the sense that we have an external partner working with us in a particular area… but also looking at ways in which we can build the entire protected areas system, in terms of our capacity and ability to properly manage.”


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