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EdYou FM website launched to provide equal access to education across Guyana

Part of the EdYou FM team pose for a photo with the Director of NCERD , Ms. Quenita Walrond- Lewis and Head of EdYou FM, Mr. Phillip Williams (Photo: EdYou FM)

The Ministry of Education’s radio station- EdYou FM today launched its website to provide 24/7 access to educational programmes for students, teachers and parents in an engaging format.

EdYOU FM’s newly launched website can be accessed at

It provides news and information about the Distance Education and Information Unit and also features a play button which enables access to the 24/7 broadcast.

Head of EdYou FM, Mr. Phillip Williams highlighted that this website was born out of the realisation that many learners are now using the internet to access educational content.

“Everybody has a smartphone, everybody has a smart device, everybody is connected but it goes a bit deeper than that; the launch of this website demonstrates the Ministry’s commitment to reach everyone, everywhere.”

EdYou FM is broadcasted across the country, provides educational and entertainment programmes for students, teachers, and parents.

Director of NCERD, Quenita Waldron – Lewis says this initiative is a crucial step towards equality in access to education for Guyana’s children.

“We are now here to be able to provide the same quality of output to learners from Georgetown as we are to learners from Eterinbang, or Imbaimadai, or wherever our children and our families reside. This becomes the space where our One Guyana truly becomes educated.”

To access the radio on the site, persons can tap on the play button featured along with a search bar at the bottom of the website’s page. Users can also minimise this feature on their phone or computer to complete other daily tasks.

Persons are encouraged to visit the site and access a wide range of educational content and keep up to date with events and activities surrounding NCERD.


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