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‘Discover Essequibo’ Project to be rolled out shortly

Some visitors enjoying a trip to Baracara Falls in Region Seven

Guyana Tourism Authority to enhance tourism capacity within the Essequibo Region under the ‘Discover Essequibo’ project shortly.

Guyana’s booming oil and gas wealth has attracted more international attention to the country and as a result more tourists.

Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority Kamrul Baksh has undertaken efforts to boost tourism across the country, with development slated soon for the Essequibo region.

“It is deemed the ‘Discover Essequibo Project’ where we’re including areas from Region Two, right down to Three and into Seven. So it’s a new area that we want to formalise development for circuit. You’ll see within the next year or so, a lot more products coming out of the (Essequibo) region and that’s the sort of programmes the Guyana Tourism Authority has been championing.”

This announcement came as the Guyana Tourism Authority launched a Tourism Enhancement Project in Bartica that will be implemented across Guyana.

This was in observance of World Tourism Day under the theme “Rethinking Tourism”.

Four new tourism products were launched on Wednesday as well, making a total of six new products for the year so far.

“We have a target of 12 new products. And that’s part of the broader strategy to diversify the product experience in Guyana here. Right in the Essequibo region we’re finalising, very shortly, the terms of contract for a consultant to come in here and develop product in and within the Bartica region.”

The “Discover Essequibo” project was first launched in late 2019 with the aim of promoting Essequibo as a travel destination for tourists.

The main objectives of the project are to create a replicable and sustainable governance model, strategy, and action plan that can be repurposed and implemented by the GTA in other areas of Guyana.

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