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Inauguration of Guyana's first fish festival- expected to generate income and create employment

The deputy director of Guyana Tourism Authority, Kamrul Baksh, in partnership with the perpetrators of Adventure Guianas, last week held the inauguration of Guyana's first fish festival. The two festival took place at the Piraiba Lodge, Makari, Region 8.

Piraiba Lodge (Photo: Adventure Guianas)

Mr. Navin Roopnarine, owner of Piraiba Lodge and perpetrators of Adventure Guianas, explained that the hallmark of the festival is to demonstrate locally and internationally how a sport fishing festival should be run and will enable persons to know that sport fishing practices one hundred percent catch and release.

"Sport fishing is relatively new to Guyana and it’s one of things that is catching on, so our main objective is to bring the nearby communities to showcase our sport fishing potential."

He continued that several groups hailing from the North, South, and Central Rupununi would have competed for the heaviest catch. Each participating group had scales and guides in each boat that would certify the weight of each catch and only photographic evidence was judged.

Perpetrators of Adventure Guianas, Navin Roopnarine, standing beside the competitors

(Photo: DPI)

Mr. Roopnarine told MTV News Update that one of the factors and benefits of sport fishing is that it will generate employment opportunities and economic benefits. He further explained that the event will also benefit from the festival.

"A lot of interest is generated locally and sport fishing is a big thing internationally and we want to ensure our fishing resources are in tack to promote sport fishing"

Deputy Director of Guyana Tourism Authority, Kamrul Baksh.

Mr. Kamrul Baksh, Director of GTA explained that the Authority wants to highlight sport fishing, since it has monumental potential to attract international participants.

"You catch the fish, weigh it, photograph it and release it back into the river and that is the sort of model we want to advocate for as it is to sustainable for not to threaten the population and cause injury to the fish"

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