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Despite Warriors’ loss in first qualifier, fans confident “trophy staying home”

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Photo: CPL T20/ Getty images

The Guyana Amazon Warriors (GAW) played the first-round qualifier for the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) T20 against the Barbados Royals. Barbados, the winner of that match, would have advanced to the finals successfully after defeating the GAW.

However, they have a second chance to advance to the finals if they play the winner of the eliminator match- Jamaica Tallawahs and win. The match between the Tallawahs and the Warriors bowls off tonight.

Despite the Warriors’ defeat at yesterday’s match, their home crowd supporters are still confident that the “trophy staying home,” meaning they are confident the Warriors will snatch the title and trophy as this year’s CPL champion.

Malika Sanders told MTV News Update, “Well I backing the Warriors cause is me team […] definitely we got it tonight we go send them [Jamaica Tallawahs] home […] is we year the finals come home, we got a Guyanese captain, we got it this year.”

“The Amazon Warriors because I am Guyanese and I backing my people them guys good., they gonna win this semifinals tonight and then tomorrow night the finals Amazon Warriors all the way. The trophy is here to stay […] I am a 100 percent confident. They made a tumble the other day, but they are going to get over it,” Phillips added.


Meanwhile, Collis said, “Well, this year CPL, I liked St. Kitts but so far, me team playing good. I am from Guyana, Guyana playing very good is only cause they lose yesterday nuff body musse vex but vice versa we can’t win all the game, we ga lose one to win one. We Guyanese people does only come out in the night we don’t like go in the hot sun and watch cricket we like night time full the stadium and get eleven man pon the field, but other than that, tonight go be nice we go beat them tonight, and when we go the finals, we go enjoy Carnival in Guyana cause we go win the final for the first time.”

Additionally, Johnny said, “the game yesterday was a sellout, the sunlight was in the fellas eyes and all sort of things but they going to win tonight and they going to the finals on Friday […] I confident with them, they going with it.”

“Warriors all the way, the trophy na go leff the country, Warriors to the bone,” a citizen who only gave ‘rasta man’ as his name.

'Rasta man'

The Warriors will take on the Jamaica Tallawahs tonight at the Providence Stadium. The match starts at 19:00 hrs. The winner of this match qualifies for the finals, which will be played on Friday. The winner will take on the Barbados Royals.


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