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‘Derelict vehicles’ a main challenge in Mon Repos/Le Reconnaissance neighbourhood – Chairman

The Mon Repos/ La Reconnaissance Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) says it has written to the Ministry of Public Works for assistance in removing derelict vehicles from the communities.

Chairperson of this Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), Ayube Mohamed, sat down with MTV News Update on Wednesday, where he spoke of some of the challenges experienced in the neighbourhood.

He said residents are continuously dumping derelict vehicles throughout communities. This is posing a major challenge for the Council.

Chairperson of the Mon Repos/ La Reconnaissance Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) Ayube Mohamed

According to the Chairperson, they have been trying to get persons to desist from dumping these derelicts, but it remains a challenge.

“There was one guy right at the Centre here; he had a huge pile; there’s still some there. We engaged a contractor […] he was assisting us because he was a scrap dealer. I don’t know what happened to his equipment, and he’s not been coming for some time, so we’re stagnated, so to speak, in terms of the derelict vehicles.”

In the meantime, the NDC has written to the Ministry of Public Works seeking their intervention.

“We don’t have the kind of equipment and so on to remove these vehicles, and we don’t have any storage. We can’t bring it into the compound here because it’s hundreds of vehicles, so we need some help with that.”

In June, the Ministry of Public Works announced that all encumbrances, including debris, and derelict vehicles, along public roads, would be forcibly removed.

It is unclear whether this exercise was extended to communities along the East Coast corridor, but the Chairman said the NDC would work with the Ministry on this issue.


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