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“Remove it, or we’ll remove it for you,” Public Works to remove debris from public spaces on Monday

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

The Ministry of Public Works will begin removing all debris, food trucks, and encumbrances from the public roads countrywide starting Monday.

Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill on Friday said that the government would not allow recklessness and lawlessness to hinder Guyana’s development trajectory.

He was at the time addressing residents at the contract signing of phase one of the Ogle, East Coast Demerara to Haags Bosch, East Bank Demerara road linkage.

In a statement last week, the Ministry said it has observed that several persons have occupied/encroached the road reserve, making it unsafe for all road users.

According to Edghill, the time for these persons to remove these items on their own is near. As such, the Ministry will begin removing them from Monday.

“That period of asking for moving is over. As of Monday, the Ministry of Public Works will begin to move derlics, sand, stone debris, everything that is in the path and is encumbering the road shoulders throughout the length and breadth of Guyana," Edghill announced.

The Minister noted that persons have even taken the time to identify areas that have debris and encumbrances that are dangerous to their well-being.

He is pleading with the public to remove them, or they will be removed by the ministry. “I’m using this afternoon contract signing….to make an appeal to all Guyanese, we still got some time because today is Friday. We got to do some cleaning up; we got to do some movements, some changes. If not, the Ministry of Public Works will remove it and if you come to claim it, the only way you will get it is when you pay us what it cost us to move it."

These encumbrances include derelict vehicle/equipment, immovable vehicle, hardware store, barber shop, rum shop and bar, builders waste, roadside shop, among others.

A statement noted that failure to comply would result in the Ministry utilising all appropriate measures to have those encumbrances removed and charges administered in accordance with Chapter 51:01 of the Road Act of the Laws of Guyana.


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