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“Covid doesn’t exempt anyone” – Health Minister warns parents to vaccinate children

Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony during today's Covid-19 Update (Photo: DPI)

Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony renews call for parents to vaccinate their children as his Ministry continues to work with the Ministry of Education to assure safety in the new academic year.

With the new academic year starting on September 5, Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony has raised concerns on the low vaccination rate among children in Guyana.

“Children 5 to 11, so far we have been able to give 7681 doses, that’s 7.5% of that age covert, and second dose now is at 2818 doses or 2.8% of the age covert.”

The Health Minister notes that he will continue to work with the Ministry of Education to carry out in-school vaccination drives to assist parents in getting their children vaccinated.

“With the Ministry of Education we have been working with them to see which schools might be ready. So the Ministry, since school is in session has been sending out letters to parents that we will be doing a vaccination drive and the parents would have to send back a consent form."

"Then they would coordinate with us and we’ll send a team to that particular school to be able to do these vaccination drives.”

Minister Anthony continues to highlight the dangers of Covid-19, stating that it affects everyone differently and those with underlying comorbidities are at risk for more severe side effects.

This is why he is urging parents to ensure their children are vaccinated heading into the new academic year.

“Well Covid does not exempt anyone, if you’re not wearing a mask and you’re around somebody who is positive for Covid you are going to get infected. The thing is that different people, different individuals would react differently to the virus and if you have underlying comorbidities or there may be different things with your genetics, it is important that you just get vaccinated."


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