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Body of boat captain found dead inside fuel tank on-board vessel

Dead: Saigon Hopkinson

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) have launched an investigation into the death of Saigon Hopkinson, a boat captain, who was found dead inside a fuel tank on-board a vessel at Shurland Fuel Depot at Adventure, Essequibo Coast, on Monday.

Hopkinson, 28, of Lot 71 East Pataro Road, Bartica, was employed by a 52-year-old businessman who operates the Shurland Fuel Depot.

According to the GPF, at around midnight Sunday, Hopkinson and two other sailors left Bartica in a 75-foot-long metal boat powered by three 60 HP engines and were headed to Adventure, Essequibo Coast, to collect fuel for their employer.

The men told investigators that they arrived at Adventure at about 05:30h and went into the boat's cabin, leaving the now dead man on the boat's deck.

"The men further related to detectives that about 08:00 hrs, they awoke and noticed that Saigon Hopkinson was not around, and they made checks around the boat when one of them discovered the body of Saigon Hopkinson in a fuel tank on the boat," the GPF said.

The man's body was escorted to the Suddie Public Mortuary, awaiting a Post Mortem Examination (PME).

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